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4 reasons for choosing TRINOV hair loss lotion


The percentage of hairs in anagen phase increases, while the percentage of hairs in telogen phase decreases (after one month in women and after three months in men).

The hair loss lotion is well tolerated, easily absorbed and has a pleasant scent.

Test subjects said they were satisfied with the lotion and its effect on reducing hair loss and strengthening and replenishing the hair to make it thicker and fuller-bodied.

It slows hair loss in all subjects after one month’s treatment.

The innovative lotion is finally available from pharmacies!

After a study lasting approximately 6 years, we are proud to have exclusive rights over the product the market has been looking for, which was studied by Prof. Giovanni Brotzu and developed by Fidia’s scientific research laboratories: TRINOV hair loss lotion. The treatment for male and female hair loss can finally count on a revolutionary formulation that originates from the product known as “Brotzu lotion”.

The innovative patented formula of TRINOV hair loss lotion is composed of phospholipid liposomes, microscopic vesicles with a double phospholipid layer that protects the active substances and allows their controlled, local and gradual release, in order to improve their absorption in the application site. These liposomes contain:

Di-homo-gamma-linoleic acid (DGLA or Eicosatrienoic acid), an omega-6 series fatty acid, is a precursor of the prostaglandin PGE1, which acts by causing vasodilation and stimulating their proliferation, which consequently improves microcirculation. PGE1 also stimulates the production of keratin;

S-Equol is an isoflavonoid obtained from soya, that is able to reduce the production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the main culprit of hair loss;
Propionyl-L-Carnitine, a cationic molecule that improves the liposomes’ adhesion to the scalp and facilitates the beta-oxidation of the lipid chains, which boosts tissue metabolism. A derivative of the amino acid carnitine, it has a known energising action.

TRINOV is the innovative treatment from the Brotzu lotion

The results obtained with TRINOV hair loss lotion

The clinical tests performed on male and female volunteers suffering from hair loss have shown that the daily application of TRINOV significantly reduces hair loss and favours the natural regrowth process, by making the hair stronger and more resistant.

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