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TRINOV Dietary Supplement for a complete hair loss treatment

TRINOV, the Hair Loss Programme that has been specifically developed for all those who want healthier, stronger hair, combines three elements: a dietary supplement, a hair loss lotion and a replenishing shampoo.

The new TRINOV Dietary Supplement can be used either on its own or in combination with other products in our hair loss range, as a valid support to your hair loss treatment.

TRINOV Hair Loss Lotion is the ideal solution for reducing hair loss and favouring the natural regrowth process.

TRINOV Replenishing Shampoo has been specifically developed to care for fragile, loss-prone hair, making it the ideal ally for efficacious hair loss treatments.

Ask your pharmacist for the TRINOV supplement for healthier hair

Hair loss is an increasingly common problem that has obvious repercussions on personal wellness, not merely from a cosmetic point of view. This is why Fidia, which has always been receptive to these problems, has dedicated years to researching and developing products that thicken the hair, to create a programme able to provide a specific and complete hair loss treatment that delivers visible results in just a few months.

This programme has now become a reality and the two new TRINOV products - the Replenishing Shampoo and the Dietary Supplement - are now available from pharmacies. The TRINOV Dietary Supplement for healthy hair restores hair’s physiological condition with its blend of carefully selected ingredients. TRINOV DIETARY SUPPLEMENT for healthy hair contains: D-Biotin, which helps maintain the health of normal hair;

Selenium, which favours the maintenance of normal hair and protects the cells from oxidative stress; Vitamins B3, B5 and B6, which aid natural energy metabolism; Resveratrol, a known antioxidant and free radical scavenger; L-Methionine and L-Cystine, sulphated amino acids that are involved in the composition of keratin, which forms the basic structure of nails and hair; Folic acid, which promotes normal amino acid synthesis;

Bamboo extracts, a source of silicon, an important element for the formation of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans, the macromolecules present in hair. When used in combination with the other TRINOV Hair loss Programme products, these ingredients provide an efficacious aid in reducing hair loss and, more generally, make available a number of substances and nutrients that are essential for healthy hair, by improving its strength and resistance.

Caduta dei capelli? C’è una nuova soluzione

Hair loss? There’s a new solution!

TRINOV Dietary Supplement With its carefully-selected specific ingredients, this dietary supplement helps to restore the hair’s natural wellness. Selenium helps protect the cells against oxidative stress and, together with biotin, helps keep hair in good condition.


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