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hair loss prevention

Foods that prevent hair loss: the omega-3s

March 27

The health and condition of our hair is also affected by what and how we eat. We have already discussed the need to eat a healthy and balanced diet that guarantees an intake of certain fundamental nutrients, the deficiency of which can accelerate the hair loss process (link to the article). This is why it is important that these nutrients are introduced through food: a hair loss prevention solution that entails a series of advantages for the body in general, and for hair care in particular. Which are these nutrients?

The omega-3s: healthcare allies for the prevention of hair loss

Let’s start with the omega-3s: these are essential fatty acids, in that they are not produced by the body and must therefore be introduced through the diet. Omega-3s are the precursors of eicosanoids, substances that stimulate the microcirculation and favour the synthesis of structural proteins, including keratin, the main hair protein. A reduction in Omega-3 levels can cause an increase in the production of the free radicals that have a negative impact on the production of keratin and cause damage to the hair follicle. Omega-3s also form the cell membranes and the hydrolipidic film that covers the skin, including the scalp. The consumption of omega-3 therefore helps the skin to remain well-moisturised and elastic and helps the hair and nails to grow healthier and stronger.

Which foods contain omega-3?

Omega-3 is found in the following types of food:

  • dried fruit, especially walnuts and almonds;
  • certain kinds of fish, such as salmon, cod, tuna, sardines, mackerel and anchovies, and derivatives of these foods and products containing them, such as cod live and salmon roe;
  • certain green leafy vegetables, like cabbage and spinach;
  • chia seeds and flax seeds and their oil.

All of these foods guarantee our body the required daily intake of omega-3s that, in addition to being important for the wellness of our hair, due to their hair loss prevention properties, also have important benefits for the health of our blood vessels, brain and bones.


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