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Hair health

Hair health: Trinov is the hair loss treatment to solve problems of female and male androgenetic alopecia.

hair loss prevention

Foods that prevent hair loss: the omega-3s

March 27/ Salute del capello

The health and condition of our hair is also affected by what and how we eat.

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Knowing about the life cycle of hair is the key to taking care of it, including with hair loss treatments

A closer look at hair loss treatments: the life cycle of hair

February 25/ Salute del capello

Understanding how our body works is the first step towards taking care of it in a correct and efficacious manner.

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Hair loss, when to worry: the relationship between inheritance and alopecia

Hair loss, when to worry: inheritance and alopecia

February 21/ Salute del capello

When we talk about androgenetic alopecia, we often think about the connection between this condition and inheritance: is it more likely that a person will suffer from alopecia if his close relatives do?

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Hair loss treatment: the 3 habits to avoid for healthy hair.

Hair loss treatment: the 3 habits to avoid for healthy hair

February 15/ Salute del capello

Hair loss is a phenomenon that can have a number of causes. Some of these are physiological, due to the hair’s natural lifecycle; others are hereditary, whereas others still can be caused by the use of certain medicines.

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