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Why choose TRINOV Replenishing Shampoo for your hair loss programme?

Following the release of its innovative lotion, TRINOV hair loss treatment is now a complete programme specially developed to care for your hair in a holistic manner that also includes the new 200 mL TRINOV Replenishing Shampoo with Hysulf®. Are you curious to find out why all TRINOV Hair Loss Programme products represent an authentic break-through in this field?

- They are based on extensive scientific research conducted by Fidia Farmaceutici.
- Their exclusive patented formulations have been developed by blending ingredients that guarantee specific effects.
- TRINOV products are a possible solution for hair loss and certain problems associated with the health of the scalp.

Discover the efficacy of TRINOV Replenishing Shampoo

The first important step towards healthy hair is correct washing, to eliminate impurities and maintain the scalp’s physiological balance, which means that choosing the right shampoo is an essential aspect of preventing and reducing hair loss. TRINOV Replenishing Shampoo, which has been specifically developed for brittle, dull and loss-prone hair, is now available in pharmacies and represents an efficacious support in synergy with TRINOV lotion for effective hair loss treatment.

This shampoo is a novel addition to our haircare range: whilst gently cleansing the scalp without altering its natural hydrolipidic film, thanks to the non-aggressive surfactants it contains, TRINOV Replenishing Shampoo is also rich in ingredients that protect and nourish the hair to lend greater vitality, by stimulating both the bulb and the skin. It also reduces symptoms like irritation, redness and itch.

TRINOV Replenishing Shampoo contains: Hysulf or Sulphated Hyaluronic Acid, a novel ingredient patented exclusively by Fidia, with a long-lasting moisturising, soothing, anti-itch and anti-redness action. Hysulf reduces skin dehydration and irritation, which can be contributing factors to hair loss; Taurine, Serine, Threonine and Arginine, essential amino acids that are fundamental for strengthening and nourishing hair;

B group vitamins (B3, B5 and B6) have an energising action and help maintain a correct hair moisture balance, which favours ceramide and keratin synthesis and gives hair greater shine and body; Salicylic acid, which eliminates excess sebum and consequently improves the condition of the scalp; Caffeine, which boosts the strength of weakened roots and stimulates local microcirculation, thereby reducing hair loss.

TRINOV Shampoo Restitutivo

The ideal ally for your hair loss treatment

The highly tolerable formulation of the new TRINOV Replenishing Shampoo is ideal for brittle, fine, thinning or loss-prone hair.

These characteristics make it suitable for both use on its own and in combination with a specific hair loss treatment.


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