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How should Trinov hair loss lotion be applied?

How should Trinov hair loss lotion be applied?

February 28

Trinov, the hair loss lotion for men and women that is indicated for the prevention of hair loss and thinning and that favours regrowth is finally available in pharmacies. Hair loss is a condition that can affects men and women and can also cause psychological problems in those who suffer from it. Fidia Farmaceutici has developed and adopted the discoveries of Sardinian professor Giovanni Brotzu, to market a lotion able to provide an efficacious solution to the hair loss problem. A hair loss lotion that is effective in just a few months, when applied to the scalp every day.

The two methods of application for Trinov hair loss lotion

One lotion, two methods of application: the Trinov pack includes both a dropper and a spray pump. The user can decide which of the two methods to use depending on individual preferences or the area to be treated.  The recommended daily dose is 1 mL for both methods of application. Simply remove the screw cap and insert the spray pump or dropper cap.

  • When using the spray pump: to apply the recommended dose of 1 mL, spray six times on to the areas of greatest thinning (6 sprays are equivalent to a 1 mL dose).
  • When using the dropper: in order to apply the recommended dose of 1 mL of product, apply the content of two droppers directly on the area to be treated. It is important to remember that the content of the dropper is the exact amount of fluid drawn up by releasing the pipette completely, without trying to further fill the shaft, which is therefore only partly filled.

Whichever method is used to apply Trinov, to favour the penetration of the hair loss lotion, it is important to massage the application area gently with the fingertips, before expanding the massage to the whole of the scalp. Do not rinse the hair after application, in order to give the lotion time to be absorbed by the scalp. The Trinov treatment involves the application of 1 mL of lotion every day for at least six months.

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