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The role of DGLA in Trinov hair loss lotion

DGLA, the fatty acid that forms the basis of the Trinov hair loss lotion

November 20

Trinov hair loss lotion is a cosmetic trichological formula developed to combat hair loss and thinning in men and women. The product is based on the synergistic action of phospholipid liposomes containing dihomo-gamma linolenic acid, also known as DGLA, S-Equol and Propionyl-L-Carnitine, which are released locally by the liposome.

The role of DGLA and PGE1 in the product formula

It has been confirmed that the various types of alopecia are associated with a reduction in capillarisation and, therefore, a deficiency in the function of the capillaries that supply the hair bulbs with O2 and other molecules. It is precisely this aspect that is influenced by DGLA, a polyunsaturated fatty acid derived from linolenic acid. DGLA is a precursor of PGE1 that, by increasing the local levels in the bulb, favours better microcirculation and, therefore, a greater supply of oxygen and nutrients to the hair.

Trinov hair loss lotion is based on a formulation containing liposome-encapsulated DGLA that, when combined with other ingredients, stimulates hair growth and slows hair loss.

Trinov hair loss lotion therefore originates from thorough research that has made it possible to obtain a patented liposome formula in which the liposomes transport the three active substances and guarantee a local action on the hair bulb.


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