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The role of Equol in Trinov hair loss lotion

Equol: the soya molecule that combats hair loss

November 20

The hair loss treatment also involves soya. A team of researchers have discovered that this plant contains Equol, a molecule that naturally inhibits the production of a male hormone that causes baldness. Indeed, Equol is one of the ingredients of Trinov hair loss lotion that, together with the synergistic action of dihomo-gamma-linolenic acid (DGLA) and Propionyl-L-Carnitine, stimulates growth and slows hair loss.

The role of Equol against baldness

One of the hormones that stimulates prostate growth and is responsible for hair loss in males is Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). In this context, Equol plays a very important role: this molecule, which is produced by our intestine when we eat soya, prevents testosterone from being transformed into DHT. With the advent of this compound, which was discovered twenty years ago during the research conducted by a group of researchers from Colorado State University, Brigham Young University and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, it was possible to make an enormous contribution to the research and development of hair loss treatments.

The benefits of soya on the scalp

In addition to the properties of Equol, soya is known to have a number of other beneficial effects on the body, including improving the health of the scalp.  It is soya that contains one of the potential solutions for maintaining trichological health and helping prevent the hair loss process. It has a high protein and fat content, as well as being rich in vitamin E, which has an antioxidant action and slows down the oxidation of fats. These natural properties guarantee a protective effect on the skin and hair, they prevent dehydration and protect the bulb against harsh external factors.  This is why soya is one of the most cultivated crops worldwide and one of those most commonly used in the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals sector.


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