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Prof. Brotzu


From Brotzu lotion to TRINOV:

how the Fidia hair loss lotion was born

TRINOV hair loss lotion has a very special story behind it; a story whose roots lie in the now well-known Brotzu lotion. It all started by chance in 2010, when Giovanni Brotzu, a doctor from Cagliari, was doing research on diabetes: one of the consequences of this illness is that the capillaries become narrower, which reduces the microcirculation and leads to (partial) hair loss. This formed the basis of Prof. Brotzu’s intuition regarding the connection with hair loss in women and men.

And so, a new adventure began: Giovanni Brotzu, assisted by his son, Giuseppe, CEO of the American company Liposome Advanced research LLC, and a team of three researchers from the University of Cagliari, conducted research (which was later published in the specialist journal “Il Dermatologo” in March 2015) to develop a hair loss lotion based on a medicinal product for diabetes.
The study and the preparation they worked on were based primarily on the combined action of three molecules that act on the scalp: Dihomo-gamma-linolenic acid (DGLA), which stimulates the microcirculation and tissue trophism; Equol, which counters the production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and, lastly, L-Carnitine, which has a known energising action.
After a number of tests, Brotzu junior and senior decided to file a patent application for the lotion and in 2015, Fidia Farmaceutici announced it had bought the patent. The new lotion finally became available on the market thanks to the company’s constant commitment to research.

Who is the professor behind Brotzu lotion?

TRINOV is the innovative treatment from the Brotzu lotion

Giovanni Brotzu was born in Cagliari in 1934 and graduated with a degree in Medicine in 1958. For a long time, he studied and worked abroad, especially in America, France and Switzerland. However, it was in his home town, at the Faculty of Medicine and University Clinic, that he held prestigious posts with the greatest possible responsibility. It was his father, Giuseppe Brotzu, after whom Sardinia’s most important hospital is named, who discovered an important new class of antibiotics, the cephalosporins. A cultural inheritance that Prof. Brotzu fully honoured by creating Brotzu lotion, that would go on to evolve into TRINOV hair loss lotion for preventing hair loss in men and women.

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